Creation 2020

Minimal circus


Get rid of
Let reality emerge.
The minimum game. The maximum connection of two fragments.
The public that invades the stage space. The scenic space that bursts into the building.
The viewer who becomes an actor rewriting reality. The present that is transformed into a round trip game.
There is no stage, there are no stands anymore.
There is no longer an actor, there is no longer an audience.
There is no acting, there is only truth.
A collective experience in an unusual place, where a white, smooth, minimal track will be the play space.
Through movement, weight, and leadership, we maintain a dialogue with the public where the questions will be the same, but the answers will never be the same.



An idea of Cia. Alta Gama
Artists: Amanda Delgado & Alejo Gamboa
Direction: Alejo Gamboa
Artistic coach: Vincent Gomez
Costumes: Christine Thomas
Original score: Pere Vilaplana

with the support of:

Espace Malraux, Scène nationale de Chambéry et de la Savoie (FR)
Festival Trapezi (ES)
Festival Mirabilia, International Circus & Performing Arts Festival – Fossano (IT)
La Central del Circ, Barcelona (ES)
Ex convento Santa Croce di Tuscania – Borgo Velino (IT)
Ondadurto Teatro, Roma (IT)

Performing Lands, Residenze multidisciplinare de la Regione Lazio (IT)

In collaboration with:

Centre Régional des Arts du cirque “Arc en Cirque” – Chambéry (FR)
Théâtre Gérard Philipe – Saint Jean de Maurienne (FR)
Testimoni Escènic, Creació d’Arts Escèniques – Avinyó (ES)
L’Androit – Chambéry (FR)
Salle de spectacle Saint-Jean – La Motte Servolex (FR)
L’Estruch, Fàbrica de Creació – Sabadell (ES)
Espace Culturel Jean Blanc – La Ravoire (FR)


“La vida hay que tomarla con amor y con humor, amor para comprenderla, humor para soportarla”

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