Cia. Alta Gama


The history

Cia. Alta Gama is born from the meeting of two determined and dedicated artists who find plenty of common ground and embark on a journey to do, learn and transform.

It is the union of two worlds, the combination of heaven and earth. It is the result of miscegenation between music, theater and circus.

Alta Gama is more than a company, it is a life project. A couple that believes in the transforming nature of art.

The Team

Alejito Gamboa

A revel argentine who has the experience of life, the art of living in the present moment and the intelligence of making  laugh to survive.
student and teacher of theatre who learn from the best teachers both South America and Europe (Flaco Suarez Chamé and Gene, Phillippe Gaullier, Fava …) He has done theater and juggling throughout Latin America with different companies and now aims to conquer Europe .

Amanda Delgado

A passionated Catalan artist, . Determined and dedicated to what she loves: making people laugh. She has been dedicated to arts since she was 15 years old, when she first discovered her passion . Since then she has not stopped studying (Institut del Teatre) and working with national theater companies, International circus companies and jazz concerts.She has worked with Los2Play, Cia. Paki Paya, Cia. la Nevera… Actually she also works into the show Violeta from Col·lectiu la Persiana. She is in love with clown, theater, circus and music.

“La vida hay que tomarla con amor y con humor, amor para comprenderla, humor para soportarla”

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